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What Does An Extra Dry Martini Mean?

There are lots of debates over an extra dry martini, dry martini, and wet martini that puzzle people. What does an extra dry martini mean? An extra dry martini contains only one or two drops of vermouth. This petty amount of vermouth makes this class of martini the direst. Generally, sweet elements


What Is The Difference Between A Dry Martini And A Wet Martini?

Dry and Wet martinis are considered one of the most iconic drinks in the world, if not THE most iconic. They have been a favorite choice for those looking to enjoy some alcohol with their friends or colleagues since the early 20th century. What is the difference between a Dirty and a


What Is The Difference Between Dirty And Dry Martini?

When it comes to martinis, there are two main types: dirty and dry. So, which one is better? And how do you make them? In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between dirty and dry martinis, their tastes so that you can decide for yourself! What is the difference between