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Fresh Raspberry Mojito Recipe

Mojitos are one of my favorite types of cocktails to experiment with. Especially when fresh fruit is in season (blackberry mojitos, anyone?). So, for this latest cocktail recipe I decided to create a raspberry mojito. For months I have had a bottle of Chambord in my liquor cabinet and I have tried


Coconut Mojito Recipe

Around these parts, we like to experiment with mojito recipes (like the Red Dragon Mojito and the Midori Melon Mojito). This time, we are switching things up a bit to give you this coconut mojito. I first had a coconut mojito at a local restaurant. It was pretty good, but I thought I could better.


Watermelon Daiquiris Recipe

Summer is all about enjoying fresh fruit cocktails, BBQs, and spending time with friends. We suggest you do all three on July 23rd (and every other day this summer).