Blood Orange Infused Tequila

In order to preserve the life of blood oranges that are quickly going out of season we’re going to show you how to make blood orange infused tequila. Similar to the pineapple habanero infused tequila and the Meyer lemon infused tequila, you only need the fruit, tequila and a few days time.

I suppose it’s a good thing blood oranges aren’t available all year long.

If they were I would never stop using them in cocktail recipes such as the Blood Orange MartiniBlood Orange Ginger Martini and the Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail.

And then I never would have had the idea for this creation at 7am on a Monday morning while laying in bed wishing I could go back to sleep.

And then I wouldn’t have been able to take these photographs which turned out so pretty (in my humble opinion).

Blood Orange Infused Tequila

How to make blood orange infused tequila.
Author: Jessica Torres
Recipe type: Infused Tequila
Blood oranges (1 to 2 per mason jar depending on size of oranges)
Silver (blanco) tequila
Mason jar
Slice blood oranges and put into a mason jar.
Fill jar with tequila and tighten the lid.
Place in fridge and shake once a day.
After 2 – 3 days remove the blood orange slices for the mason jar.

We highly suggest you start this now. You’ll need it for this delicious (and beautiful) blood orange margarita recipe. It’s definitely a keeper.