Campari Ice Cubes – The Perfect Summer Aperitif

Campari Ice Cubes – The Perfect Summer Aperitif

We’ve shared a couple different Campari cocktail recipes with you already, including the Negroni and Campari and Orange. But now it’s summer and the sun is really heating things up. To help you cool down, we suggest you try some of these alcohol ice cubes with Campari.

To make alcohol ice cubes you need to use a spirit with a low alcohol content. You also need to mix the alcohol with something else that will freeze (water, juice, etc).

I went with Campari as my spirit to start with because it has a 24% alcohol/volume. I made half of the alcohol ice cubes with water and the other half with orange juice.

The result? Absolutely delicious

They are these slushy little cubes that melt as you eat them. You can either eat them with a spoon like you would a snow cone. Or you can add use them as ice cubes in sparkling mineral water, sangria or your favorite Campari cocktail.

And since Campari is an aperitif, these are the perfect afternoon treat before you eat dinner.

As far as the ice cube trays go for making these, I used Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays (affiliate link). They are made of food grade safe silicon and make 6 – 2 inch cubes. I love them because it’s really easy to get the single cubes of ice out of the tray. They are also really great for making large ice cubes for cocktails like the whiskey lemonade.

Plus they are easy to clean and don’t take up a lot of space in the freezer. And they come in over 10 different colors. I was boring and bought blue and red but you could spice things up with yellow, pink and green if you wanted.

Or you could use your regular ice cube trays to make these cubes. They won’t be as big so they might melt faster. Also, I wouldn’t attempt striped alcohol ice cubes with regular trays because there isn’t enough room for the different layers of liquid. But they will work just fine for solid boozy ice cubes like these.

Campari Ice Cubes – The Perfect Summer Aperitif

How to make alcohol ice cubes with CampariAuthor: The MixologistsIngredients

  • Campari
  • Orange juice or water
  • Ice trays


  1. Mix equal parts Campari and your mixer of choice.
  2. Pour into ice cube trays.
  3. Allow to freeze thoroughly – at least four hours.
  4. When ready to use, remove from ice tray and put in rocks glass.
  5. Enjoy on their own with a spoon or mix with a beverage of your choice including sparkling mineral water, juice or a cocktail.

Note… for the 2 inch ice cube trays each cube equals 3 ounces of liquid.