Pomegranate Martinis Recipe

The Pomegranate Margaritas we posted before are awesome. But if I’m going to be honest, my heart will always belong to Pomegranate Martinis. It has been my drink of choice for a long time. It’s simple to make and is delicious.

The first time I had pomegranate martinis was with my mom. It’s her favorite cocktail recipe. My mom prefers to make hers with a little bit of stevia to sweeten them. It’s a low carb, low sugar sweetener that she uses in almost everything she drinks.

I tend to make mine with a sugar rim instead. I’m a sugar kind of girl, plus I think the sugar rim looks nice on the glass. If you decide to use stevia, skip the sugar rim. You don’t want to do both.

In the winter, we posted quite a few pomegranate cocktails since that’s when they are in season. One that’s similar to these pomegranate martinis is the Christmas Cosmos. They are a cross between this recipe and the Cosmopolitan cocktails.

I always use POM Wonderful Pomegranate juice for my pomegranate cocktails. It’s a combination of sweet and tart and I really like it. Actually, I’m not even sure I’ve ever tasted any other kind of pomegranate juice. And I don’t really want to make my own since pomegranates can be a bit messy. Oh, and never wear a white shirt if eating a fresh pomegranate. Yeah, another lesson I learned the hard way. But you don’t have to worry about wearing white when drinking these pomegranate martinis (as long as you don’t spill).

Pomegranate Martinis


8 ounces pomegranate juice

4 ounces vodka

1 fresh squeezed lime

Sugar rim or stevia for sweetener

2 lime wheels


If desired, rim two martini glasses with lime and dip in sugar.

Combine pomegranate juice, vodka and lime in a cocktail shaker with ice.

Shake and strain into martini glasses.

Garnish with lime wheels.

Makes two pomegranate martinis.