Jelly Bean Vodka Recipe

We are big fans of candy infused vodka over here. At Christmas time it’s all about the candy cane vodka. Halloween brings Starburst vodka. And now for Easter it is time to make some jelly bean vodka

I suggest you make this infused vodka before the kids find out jelly beans are in the house. If you wait the candy might be gone, as was the case in my house with the first two bags of jelly beans I bought. I even found the dog trying to steal some of the jelly beans when I was taking these pictures.

How to make Jelly Bean Vodka:

Separate the jelly beans according to color. You can pick which colors you want. I did red, yellow and orange (cherry, lemon and orange flavors).

Add jelly beans to mason jar or empty bottle.

Fill jelly bean filled mason jars with vodka.

Put lids on the mason jars and keep in the fridge for 2-3 days. Give the jars a shake once a day when you’re in the fridge.

After a few days strain the vodka using cheese cloth into a clean mason jars. The jelly beans won’t be all the way dissolved but that’s okay.

The jelly bean vodka is now ready to go. You can drink it straight or you can use it in these 3 Easter cocktail recipes. We suggest you do both.