What Happens When You Eat The Worm Served In Tequila?

If you are considering Tequila as a drink, first you will think of shots and margaritas. But another drink is made with tequila – the worm cocktail. This unusual drink contains a live worm that is meant to be eaten. Believe it or not, this drink has been around for centuries and has a long history.

But what happens when you eat this worm served in Tequila? As it reaches the stomach, the worm will start to digest the tequila. It will release enzymes that will help to break down the tequila. There may be some health benefits as well as risks associated with it.

Worm In Tequila And Causes Of Serving It

The worm found in tequila is the larva of a moth called Hypopta Agave. The moths live in the agave plant, which is used to make tequila. While some people think that eating the worm provides certain health benefits, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Many people think that the worm will make them feel less nauseous after drinking.  People also believe that eating the worm will give them power and strength.

Another reason is, to use the worm as a Gimmick. The worm is usually placed in a bottle of Mezcal and not Tequila, as it will make for an interesting story when you order your next drink at the bar.

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Consequences Of Eating The Worm In Tequila

The consequence of eating Tequila worms is not something that has logical proof. But there are many popular beliefs regarding its benefits and side effects.

Health Benefits Of Eating Tequila Worm

Many health benefits are thought to be found when you eat the worm in tequila. Worms are a great source of protein, and they also contain other important nutrients like vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. Eating the worm can help you stay healthy and strong, and it may even help improve your digestion.

Side Effects Of Eating Tequila Worm

Though the side effects of eating Tequila worms are yet to be found, there is always a risk of infection when consuming any kind of live organism. In addition, the worm may contain parasites or other harmful organisms that could make you sick. Some people have also reported vomiting and nausea after ingesting the worm.

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There are two ways to eat a worm. The first way is by chewing it like any other food, and the second way is by sucking on it until you can break off pieces of the body that contain enzymes that dissolve in your mouth.

Eating them raw or alive will make you vomit within seconds due to their high acidity content. If you want to experience this strange ritual without vomiting all over yourself, try adding salt and lime juice while chewing it slowly–that might help!