What Does The Worm In Tequila Do?

When you think of tequila, the worm probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But this ingredient is a staple in this Mexican spirit, and for good reason!

So, what does the worm in tequila do? Some people believe that the worm is there for medicinal purposes, while others think that it’s just a gimmick to get people to buy more tequila. The worm can also increase the flavor of the drink.

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The Worm Used In Tequila

The worm is the signature ingredient of a traditional tequila drink called “coctel de camaron” or “cocktail of shrimp” which is made by muddling together some citrus, agave syrup, and tequila.

Worms have been used as an ingredient in tequila since at least 1750. Worms can be found floating inside bottles of blue agave-based spirits like Jose Cuervo Silver, 1800 Silver, Herradura Silver, El Tesoro Platinum, and Don Julio 1942 Classic Reposado Tequilas.

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Reasons Why The Worm Is Used In Tequila

The main reason to use the worm is to use it as a gimmick to get people to buy the product. You can put it in front of guests to show them that your bottle of tequila is real, not just some cheap knock-off.

Another reason to use the worm is to add a lot of flavors and give it an earthy taste. Worms can add flavors such as black pepper, vanilla, almonds, or cinnamon to the liquor for some extra kick. Worms also allow the tequila to be smoother and less vegetal tasting while also adding a buttery quality.

There is also a belief that the worm is used in Tequila as a way to ward off evil spirits. Others think that the worm provides health benefits, such as aiding indigestion. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

The worm does one thing very well: making your friends shriek with fear when they see it curl around a lime. After all – no one really wants to eat an animal from its own habitat! 

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Worms are not just for eating anymore, they’re also being put into drinks! The worm helps soften the taste of tequila and prepares it for consumption by breaking down some of its more intense 

All you need to do is peel them out before drinking up!

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