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The Espresso Martini Is Finally Getting Its Due

Move over the common drinks! There’s a new cocktail in town, and its name is Espresso Martini. This drink has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason! So, what is an Espresso Martini and why is it popular? This specialized Martini contains coffee liquor as an ingredient.  It’s delicious,


What Can You Mix Tequila With?

When it comes to drinks, tequila is a pretty versatile liquor. It’s sweet, spicy, or vegetal flavor may vary with different brands. The taste of Tequila also changes to sweet or vanilla flavor as it matures. What can you mix Tequila with? It can be mixed with sodas, juices, and other classic


What Is A Dirty Cosmo with A Perfect Recipe

The Dirty Cosmopolitan, which is a part of the cosmopolitan cocktail family, has grown in popularity recently. So, what’s in a dirty cosmopolitan? The common ingredients of a dirty Cosmo are as basic as a classic Cosmo which include vodka, cranberry juice, and lime juice But it has a delicious tart flavor