The 15 Most Popular Cocktails Of 2023

Popular cocktails are always changing with time and age. The popular drinks of 2023 are an assumption about the most popular cocktails in five years to come, so it will be interesting to see what gets people hooked on a drink that they just can’t get enough of.

What will be the most popular cocktails of 2023? That is a question that many people are asking. We can make some educated guesses based on what is popular right now. Classic cocktails like the Margarita, Martini, or Mojito are always a hit, and newer drinks like the Moscow Mule or Pineapple Margarita are gaining in popularity.

We will take a look at some of the most popular drinks that are expected to be all the rage this year.

The Margarita

One of the most popular cocktails in the world, and it is expected to remain as such in 2023. This drink is made with tequila, lime juice, and triple sec, and it is perfect for any occasion.

To make this drink, fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add two ounces of tequila, a three-quarters ounce each of lime juice and orange liqueur, and half an ounce of simple syrup. Shake until combined and pour into a glass rimmed with salt or sugar garnish with lime.

If you are celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out with friends, the Margarita is always a good choice.

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The Manhattan

The Manhattan is a popular cocktail that will continue to be enjoyed by many. Its rich flavor and complexity make it a favorite among many. The Manhattan is perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed by anyone. Thanks to its popularity, Manhattan will continue to be a favorite drink in 2023. 

This drink is a mix of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. It’s often served on the rocks or straight up.

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The Martini

This drink is made with gin and vermouth. It is popular because of its mixability and versatility. The recipe for a martini has been around since 1912 when it was invented by bartenders in New York City.

The Martini is popular among many people who want to enjoy a drink with friends or family without having to worry about getting drunk fast. This popular cocktail can be served as an aperitif, before dinner or after dinner with cheese and crackers.

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Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini is popular for a reason. It has a unique flavor that is loved by many people. This drink will continue to be popular in 2023.

It is made of vodka, olives, and vermouth. The vodka gives the drink a kick while the olives add a bit of flavor. This drink is perfect for any occasion! Make sure to try it out next time you are looking for something new!

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The Mojito is

The drink is made with rum, lime juice, sugar, and mint leaves, and it is refreshing and flavorful. The Mojito is perfect for summertime gatherings or parties, and it is sure to be a hit among guests.

The mojito has a long history, and it is said that the drink was first created in Cuba. It has since become popular all over the world, and there are many variations of the drink. Regardless of where you enjoy your mojito, you can be sure that it will be a delicious and refreshing experience.

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The Old Fashioned

The old-fashioned is a classic drink that is popular among many people. It is made with bourbon, sugar, and bitters, and it has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other drinks.

This drink is perfect for those who want something simple and classic. It can be enjoyed on its own or with a meal, and it is sure to please any palate. The old-fashioned is a drink that will never go out of style!

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The Pina Colada

Pina Colada is popular as it has been around for a long time and people have come to know it, expect it. The Pina Colada was popularized in the 50s when Puerto Rican bartender Ramon Marrero Perez created the cocktail at the Caribe Hilton Hotel’s Beachcomber Bar. This popular drink can be found on any bar menu around the world.

It is easy to make and usually consists of rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. As it becomes more popular in 2023, people will continue to enjoy its sweet and refreshing flavors. The Pina Colada is sure to remain popular for years to come!

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The Gin and Tonic

The refreshing flavor of Gin and Tonic makes it the perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer day. But what makes it even more popular is that it’s also very versatile. You can enjoy it with or without liquor, and you can mix in any type of fruit juice to create your own unique flavor combination.

So why will Gin and Tonic be popular in 2023? Because it’s a drink that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their taste preferences are. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or sour, strong or weak, the Gin and Tonic have you covered. So mark your calendars now and get ready to raise a glass of this popular drink.

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Moscow Mule

A popular drink called Moscow Mule will be popular in 2023 because people love how refreshing it tastes when mixed together. It’s also an easy cocktail to make at home.

The ingredients of this unique drink are vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and ice. Simply mix all the ingredients together in a shaker filled with ice and strain into glasses. Moscow Mules are perfect for any party or get-together.

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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s have been around since the 1920s and are popular because they taste great. It can also help to cure a hangover.

In 2023 it will be popular because the Super Bowl is that year and people like to drink Bloody Marys when they watch football games.

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The Cosmopolitan is a trendy drink and many people enjoy its flavor, especially women. Additionally, it is easy to make at home and does not require any special tools or ingredients. This makes it an ideal drink for parties or gatherings.

Finally, cosmopolitans are often served in fancy glasses, which adds to the overall atmosphere and experience.

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Japanese Gin

The main reason that Japanese Gins are popular is they are simply the best. It has a unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else, and people are starting to take notice. In addition, Japanese gin is made with high-quality ingredients that make it very popular.

Nikku and Roku are two popular Japanese Gins that have a gentle floral flavor and a touch of lemongrass that makes them extra special.

Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea is popular for its flavor profile that is a unique mix of different spirits. The popular drink is a mix of five different spirits, lime juice, and sugar syrup. It has more than one version so you can try them all out until you find the right balance for your personal taste.

The drink is popular for its low price and easy-to-make recipe. You can find all the ingredients you need at your local liquor store. It’s also popular because it can be made in large batches so it’s perfect for parties or get-togethers with friends.

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White Russian

White Russian is a delicious and refreshing drink. It is popular because it is easy to make and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

White Russian is perfect for any occasion, whether you are celebrating a special event or just relaxing at home with friends. Thanks to its popularity, White Russian is sure to remain one of the most popular drinks in 2023.

The Negroni

This classic cocktail is made with Campari, Gin, and Vermouth, and it is perfect for any occasion. The Negroni is the perfect drink for those who want something strong and flavorful.

Negroni is popular in the summer, but it can be enjoyed year-round. It will hold its popularity this year also because of its refreshing nature.

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There’s a growing trend towards healthier cocktails that use fresh fruit and herbs.

When it comes to popular drinks, nothing is more refreshing than a cold cocktail on a hot day. But what if you could have a healthy cocktail that was still delicious?

With the popularity of fresh fruits and herbs, more and more cocktails are being created with these ingredients. Not only do they taste great, but they are also good for your health.


Looking ahead to 2023, we predict that popular drinks will include those which are not only flavorful but also healthy. Consumers are increasingly interested in functional beverages that offer specific health benefits. With this in mind, look for innovative new products that tout their healthful properties and deliver on their promises.