Jello Shots

Not only am I a vodka lover, but I’ve made and indulged in many Jello shots. One thing is for certain: the key to great Jello shots is the preparation.

Most recipes call for paper cups, which make it hard to “shoot” the jello. Plastic cups (with lids) sprayed with PAM cooking spray are the perfect vehicle for these delicious treats.

Table of Contents

Jello Shots Ingredients

1 – 3 ounce box of Jello

1 cup water

1 cup Stolichnaya vodka (cold)

How to make Jello Shots

Add boiling water to gelatin mixture; stir for two minutes, or until completely dissolved.

Remove from heat; stir in cold vodka.

Count out 20 plastic cups and spray with PAM cooking spray.

Use a turkey baster to fill the plastic cups, cover with lids and refrigerate until the Jello is set.

How To Serve Jello Shots

Remove the plastic cups from the refrigerator right before serving. Shaking the cup will loosen up the Jello and make it easier to shoot.

Yield: 20 Jello shots.