Chopin Vodka: Potato, Rye and Wheat {and a Chopin Cuban Cocktail}

Vodka, a neutral spirit, can be made from a variety of raw materials. Some are made from common grains like rye, wheat and corn while others are made from fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, grapes and sugar beets. The raw materials are distilled, in some cases many times, and then filtered to create the spirit we have all come to love. So, now that you have vodka on the brain, let’s discuss a particular brand of premium vodka that has three different varieties we are sure you’re going to love… Chopin Vodka.

About Chopin Vodka

Chopin vodka, pronounced SHOW-PAN, is made in small-batches in Poland. The vodka is distilled four times and they source their ingredients from local farmers in the Podlasie region of Poland. There are no additives or artificial ingredients added to the vodka. In fact, Chopin vodka is made from three ingredients: naturally grown potatoes, rye or wheat, yeast and water. Well, they state the water is actually “purified artesian well water.” But if it’s one third of your ingredients, it better be quality, right? All three varieties are bottled at 80 proof.

Another fact I found interesting about Chopin vodka was that they practice sustainable farming. The left-over potato mash is said to go back to the farms to fertilize the fields. But how does the vodka taste, you ask? Read on, my friends.

Chopin potato vodka is made from, you guessed it, potatoes! It is produced only from mid-September into early December and has the black label. It’s creamy with notes of vanilla and green apple and a long, clean finish.

Chopin rye vodka is made from rye wheat and has the red label. It is medium bodied with hints of spice and rye dough.

Chopin wheat vodka is the newest release in their lineup and it’s made from all-natural 100% Polish wheat. This one has the gold label and has notes of bread dough, honey, butterscotch and honey.

Where to buy Chopin Vodka

Chopin potato vodka is probably the easiest to find. You should be able to pick up a bottle at your local liquor store. I found Chopin potato online at BevMo! for $24.00 ($34.00 for non club members) for a 750 ml bottle. I also found all three varieties of Chopin vodka at Total Wine. Prices ranged from $28 to $30.

There is a where to buy page on Chopin’s website that you can check out if needed.

Chopin Vodka cocktail recipes

All three varieties of Chopin vodka can be used in your favorite vodka cocktails. These premium vodkas can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Since each one has a different taste profile, I suggest you try all three to see which one you like the best. And then you can try each one these cocktail suggestions…

Try the wheat in a baked apple martini, the rye in a Moscow Mule and the potato in a dirty martini or the Chopin Cuban cocktail listed below.Chopin Cuban Cocktail

Pick up a bottle of Chopin potato vodka and enjoy it in Chopin Cuban Cocktail.Serves: 1Ingredients

  • ¾ teaspoon sugar
  • 3 sprigs of fresh mint
  • ¾ ounce fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 2 ounces Chopin potato vodka
  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne


  1. In a cocktail shaker, gently muddle the sugar, mint and lime juice.
  2. Add vodka and ice.
  3. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  4. Top with a splash of Champagne.
  5. Garnish with a sprig of mint.