Chocolate Mint Mojito Recipe

Frustrated with the poor quality of mint at my local grocery store, I decided to plant the herb in my garden. To my surprise, mint comes in over 600 varieties, including chocolate. And the perfect way to use it is in this chocolate mint mojito!

Chocolate Mint is one of the many hybrid plants that can be found at your local nursery or home warehouse store. It’s easy to grow and at around two dollars for a small plant, is much cheaper (and healthier!) than the mint found in your produce aisle.

And let’s face it: The only way to be sure your food hasn’t been sprayed with nasty chemicals is to grow it yourself!

Not all home gardeners like planting mint because of it’s aggressive growth and invasive ways, but planting it in a container and setting it on your patio is a great way to keep it under control. Besides, aggressive growth guarantees you’ll always have mint on hand to make this delicious Chocolate Mint Mojito.

If you’re looking for some other uses for your chocolate mint, try it muddled in the Coconut Mojito or as a garnish in the Chocolate Raspberry Cocktail.

Chocolate Mint Mojito


2 ounces white rum
1 ounce home made simple syrup
10-15 fresh chocolate mint leaves
squeeze of lime juice
soda water
1 mint sprig, plus 5 additional chocolate mint leaves (for garnish)


Muddle lime juice, simple syrup and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker.
Add rum and ice.
Shake and strain into a tall Collins or Highball glass.
Add additional mint leaves (for garnish) and more ice, if necessary.
Top with soda water and mint sprig.
Drink and repeat.